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Financial Managers

Integrate your project financial data for more effective budget and cost oversight with our construction management software.

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Vitruvi is an intuitive, end-to-end platform that empowers your financial managers.

Vitruvi construction management software is purpose-built to seamlessly integrate every facet of your project into one comprehensive platform. Vitruvi provides benefits to enhance your construction project financial management including automated financial processes, cost forecasting and analysis, budgeting, improved cash flow management, and quicker invoicing and billing.

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Project Solutions for Financial Managers


Better financial oversight of all of your construction projects.

Vitruvi's cloud-based software seamlessly aligns the financial management needs of your construction projects. Our platform consolidates all of your financials into one convenient location. Custom dashboards enable real-time tracking of financial performance. This ensures stakeholders and project teams are well informed on budgets and project costs. Leveraging Vitruvi, you can generate precise project estimates, maintain budget control, and manage costs. With Vitruvi Software, you can fully optimize financial management within your construction projects.

Reliable financial reporting that you can count on.

You can count on Vitruvi Software's financial features for accurate and up-to-date financial reports, and compliance with industry standards and best practices. Using our financial tools also minimizes the risk of errors, and inaccurate billing. With Vitruvi's cost-estimating software solutions, your business can deliver precise, reliable financial reporting. You’ll be able to rapidly produce an accurate profit and loss statement, as well as other vital financials, when needed.


Streamlined invoicing and contract management.

Vitruvi streamlines the document management process allowing you to securely retain and manage customer and vendor contracts and invoices in our cloud-based platform. Integration with work items and deliverables ensures accurate invoice reconciliation. Automated invoice generation reduces errors and accelerates the close-out process. With Vitruvi, you can reduce budget overages, prevent revenue leakage, and ensure that payments align precisely with approved and completed work. Altogether, our comprehensive features can support your business's financial health.


Optimized workforce and materials management.

Labor and material costs are significant aspects of construction expenses. Vitruvi's materials management tools empower you to control these costs while minimizing waste. Our resource planning functionality provides detailed tracking and reporting on workforce scheduling, and equipment and materials usage ensuring precise resource allocation. By providing comprehensive details about materials usage, Vitruvi also facilitates accurate billing and invoicing. With Vitruvi, you’ll retain financial integrity of your construction projects, and stay within budget constraints.



Vitruvi Customer Success 

“Because we can offer faster payment terms, our build partners typically offer more favorable rates. All this would have been impossible without the confidence and governance that Vitruvi gives us.”

Neil G,
Chief Delivery Officer, Lit Fibre


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Practical features from the office to the field and back again.


Vitruvi provides construction management tools with robust reporting capabilities, allowing for real-time tracking and analysis of project metrics. With our web-based solution, you can easily generate comprehensive reports on resource utilization, project progress, and budget allocation, empowering you to make informed decisions and drive project efficiency.


Vitruvi simplifies cost management for construction managers, offering intuitive tools to track expenses, monitor budgets, and identify cost-saving opportunities. Our cloud-based construction software ensures that you have full visibility into project costs at every stage, enabling you to optimize spending and maximize profitability.


With Vitruvi’s construction project manager app, you can effectively manage project schedules, ensuring timely completion and minimizing delays through our construction scheduling software. Our web-based construction project manager software solution offers dynamic scheduling features, allowing you to easily create, update, and track project timelines. Stay on top of deadlines and milestones effortlessly with Vitruvi.


Vitruvi prioritizes quality assurance for construction managers, providing tools to monitor and uphold construction standards throughout the project lifecycle. With our cloud-based platform, you can implement quality control measures, conduct inspections, and address issues promptly to deliver superior project outcomes.


Vitruvi streamlines resource planning for construction managers, offering visibility into workforce allocation, equipment usage, and material requirements. Our web-based solution facilitates efficient resource management, enabling you to optimize resource allocation and ensure project efficiency while staying within budget constraints.


How Much Could You Be Saving With Vitruvi?

Organizations managing network construction using Vitruvi Software deliver projects more efficiently from a time, labor, and cost perspective.


Curious about what your business could be saving? Try our ROI calculator.

Frequently asked questions

What exactly is Vitruvi's financial project management software? How does it differ from general accounting software?

Vitruvi's project financial management software is tailored specifically for construction projects. We’ve designed its features to monitor project budgets, expenses, and costs with precision. Unlike general accounting software, Vitruvi's solution is optimized for the construction industry. It provides comprehensive insights into the specifics of a project’s financial health. This includes tracking project-specific expenses, managing contracts, and forecasting costs associated with construction projects.

How can Vitruvi’s financial project management software help in budgeting and cost control within construction projects?

Vitruvi's project financial management software empowers users to create, manage, and track project budgets effectively. Through features such as robust financial tracking tools, financial reports, management accounting, expense monitoring, and cost forecasting, Vitruvi ensures that construction projects remain within budget constraints. Additionally, it provides real-time insights into financial performance, enabling strategic decision-making. This helps to control costs and optimize budget allocation.

Does Vitruvi integrate with other project management tools used in the construction industry?

Yes, Vitruvi seamlessly integrates with other project management tools in the construction industry. This integration ensures the smooth exchange of data between Vitruvi and other software systems. The result is enhanced workflow efficiency and collaboration among project stakeholders.

How does Vitruvi handle complex project structures, such as multi-phase projects or projects with multiple subcontractors?

Vitruvi is equipped to handle complex project structures seamlessly. It allows users to manage multi-phase projects and coordinate with multiple subcontractors. With tools for task assignment, progress tracking, and communication, Vitruvi ensures effective project management across various stages and subcontractor engagements.

How secure is Vitruvi in terms of data protection and confidentiality, especially when dealing with sensitive financial information?

Vitruvi software prioritizes data protection and confidentiality. We make sure to implement robust security measures that safeguard sensitive financial information. These measures include encryption protocols, access controls, regular security audits, and compliance with industry regulations. We ensure Vitruvi protects all user financial data at all times. We make sure our software maintains the highest standards of confidentiality and security.

What kind of scalability does Vitruvi offer, particularly for growing construction firms or projects of varying sizes?

Vitruvi offers scalability that accommodates growing construction firms and projects of varying sizes. Its features are customizable and adaptable, allowing users to scale up or down as needed. Whether managing small-scale projects or overseeing large-scale construction endeavors, Vitruvi is made to support growth and changing requirements.

Does Vitruvi offer features for tracking change orders, variations, and other adjustments to project budgets and costs?

Yes, Vitruvi includes features for tracking change orders. It can also monitor differences in variations, and other adjustments to project budgets and costs. Users can also document and view changes to project scope, expenses, and timelines. These features ensure transparency and accountability throughout the project lifecycle. They also help to manage project changes effectively and mitigate potential budget overruns.

Can Vitruvi integrate with accounting systems? Or does it require manual data entry and reconciliation?

Vitruvi offers seamless integration with accounting systems. With its help, you can eliminate the need for manual data entry and reconciliation. By integrating with accounting software, Vitruvi ensures the smooth flow of financial data between systems. This integration enhances efficiency and accuracy in financial management within construction projects.

How does Vitruvi handle collaboration and communication among project stakeholders, particularly regarding financial matters?

Vitruvi fosters collaboration and communication among project stakeholders, including financial matters. Its centralized platform facilitates real-time communication, document sharing, and collaboration features. Users can discuss financial matters, share insights, and make informed decisions collaboratively within Vitruvi. With its help, you can enhance teamwork and productivity throughout the project lifecycle.

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