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Optimize Portfolio-Wide Deployment & Network Value

End-to-end construction software for better productivity at every stage.


You are responsible for building the rapidly growing, ever-evolving network of infrastructure to meet the needs of a connected, modern society. GIS construction has dramatically improved the accuracy and ease of project design and execution across large geographical areas.

Vitruvi construction management and construction reporting software was created to facilitate coordinate-driven GIS construction through greater project visibility, collaboration and integration at each project stage.

Vitruvi allows engineers, GIS project management leads and field crews to seamlessly align project design, planning, logistics and construction – with the ability to effortlessly adapt to the inevitable changes reflected in final construction.

Improve productivity in GIS construction

Reduce delays, costs, rework and lost project data, through streamlined communications and a single source of truth. Instantly communicate project changes to the entire team. Improved resource management so teams are never sitting idle.

Automate project close-out & get paid sooner

Capture as-built and redline data from the field. Photo/video verification streamlines approvals, and integrated document management helps automate the close-out package process, helping you invoice sooner and get paid faster

Complete project,
schedule & cost visibility

With greater visibility comes greater predictability. Accurate, timely, and centralized progress reporting keeps all stakeholders informed for improved decision making at all levels. GIS project management can be delivered with greater efficiency and confidence.

Mobile reporting
& data capture

Vitruvi’s convenient mobile app allows construction managers and field staff to provide on-the-spot production reporting to track time, progress, materials and resource costs in online and offline environments. This makes Vitruvi a powerful choice to use as a construction reporting software solution.

Built to Scale

Fully integrate GIS Construction into operations
All work, and project details are mapped out for all stakeholders. Import a GIS design and Vitruvi automatically creates a work breakdown structure. Or link Vitruvi directly with your system of record for seamless updates between both systems.
Multi-stakeholder collaboration
Manage multiple projects and programs and connect vendors and customers on a single platform, with secure role-based access control.

Use Cases



Vitruvi Customer Success Story

Direct Communications is an independent, family-owned broadband provider, positioned upon the distribution of reliable community networks. Our emphasis on customer service means that we need deployment tools that ensure stable fiber build-outs. Since implementing Vitruvi, we have reduced our rework down to zero and the intuitive platform enables our teams to operate with the same sophistication as a large publicly-funded broadband builder.

Nathan B, COO

Direct Communications

At Vitruvi, we believe strongly in a more connected world.

Connections are the essence of a modern, globally linked society. As the distance between information, resources, utilities and communities continues to shrink, it’s only because of the industrious initiatives of governments, organizations and entrepreneurs that these connections become a reality.

Vitruvi is proud to be at the forefront of change in this age of connectivity. Our success will be measured by our ability to provide solutions that allow teams involved in GIS construction projects to succeed together.

Connecting builders & Innovators

Building lasting relationships
through dynamic connections

Vitruvi is continually working to establish strong, engaged relationships with the companies responsible for building the telecommunication networks and infrastructure of today—and tomorrow.

As a Vitruvi client, you are connected with a partner who is committed to:

  • Ensuring your success, and growing alongside you.
  • Understanding your business, and earning your loyalty.
  • Providing legendary service and support as your needs evolve.
GIS construction worker looking at a project and planning

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