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Leading construction software companies in innovation

Why we built VITRUVI

What’s the biggest worry for those responsible for building utility infrastructure projects over large geographical areas? Not knowing what you need to be worrying about. That’s why we created Vitruvi - to be your “single source of truth” on large, geospatial infrastructure construction projects. We are among the leading international construction software companies that are connecting the teams that connect the world.

Bryan McIver, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

The best construction software companies have lived your challenges.

Founded in 2016 by Fresnel Software, Vitruvi fills a conspicuous void in the utility construction industry – the need for a multi-stakeholder, end-to-end construction management platform that integrates directly with GIS designs and the system of record.

Vitruvi was developed to solve the real-world challenges that face broadband and utility construction industry professionals and technicians. The goal was to create a better way of collaborating and exchanging information in large, complex, geospatially diverse construction projects. Today, our customers span telecommunications, utilities and beyond.

Built by people in your roles - for your roles

We’ve been in your shoes and steel toed boots. Our founders and advisors have managed construction from the field, the back office and the front office (including the c-suite).

Guided by our experience managing some of the largest broadband construction projects in the world, Vitruvi has created a process-driven software solution to efficiently deliver projects at

Today, our team of 50+ team members includes software engineers, construction specialists, implementation specialists, change management leaders, project managers and a leadership team committed to building the best construction management software platform for managing GIS-based projects of scale.


Powering the build-out of a connected world


To be the world's leading, end-to-end utility construction platform, connecting teams through best-in-class technology with an exceptional customer and user experience, that delivers maximized cost savings, efficiency and quality assurance.


All of our employees are connected through an indelible set of shared values. While we are not perfect, we believe that by staying true to these core values, we have a strong compass that will guide us to make the right decisions.

Decisions that will earn the trust, respect, goodwill and commitment of our clients, our coworkers, our partners and our collaborators.

A total commitment to your success is what sets Vitruvi apart from larger construction software companies that are more focused on their bottom lines than yours.

Do the right thing, no matter what the cost.
Demonstrate that people are of value.
Continuously exceed the Standard.
Take risks. Act like an owner.
Clearly define and achieve our goals.

At Vitruvi, we believe strongly in a more connected world.

Connections are the essence of a modern, globally linked society. As the distance between information, resources, utilities and communities continues to shrink, it’s only because of the
industrious initiatives of governments, organizations and entrepreneurs that these connections become a reality.

Vitruvi is proud to be among the construction software companies driving innovation in this age of connectivity. Our success will be measured by our ability to provide solutions that allow teams to succeed together.



Marcus Vitruvius Pollio was history’s first known architect. Vitruvius was adamant that a structure must possess three qualities: firmitas (solidity), utilitas (usefulness), and venustas (beauty). Each of these characteristics is inherent in the design of our namesake software.


Let's Work Together