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Product Updates

Capture as-builts like never before

In utility construction, the reality is that you engineer one design… and end up building another. The two almost never match. Situations on the ground demand flexibility, which results in change orders or small but important deviations. This can be due to insufficient upfront data, utility moves, or weather events, just to name a few.

See how Vitruvi Mobile Markups expedites as-built approvals for faster closeouts.

So how can you avoid errors and oversights to accurately record as-builts?
How can you make it easier and more efficient for crews to make redline changes in the field?
And how do you ensure those changes are implemented into the final design (and not misinterpreted from ‘pen-to-paper’ notes)?

Introducing the Vitruvi Mobile Markup feature

Vitruvi is proud to introduce our new Mobile Markup feature. A powerful new tool that allows crews to accurately capture and communicate design changes, redline markups and as-builts in real time. With unmatched ease, accuracy and precision.


Vitruvi Mobile Markup provides information in real-time, in the field, from any mobile device. All managed in Vitruvi’s fully integrated, end-to-end, GIS and cloud-based platform.

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Streamline your close-out process

By keeping your team on top of all changes – instantaneously – the Vitruvi Mobile Markup feature provides the vital information required to get the project past the goal line. Expedite your design surveys, digital as-built captures, change-order requests, and all other downstream construction activity.


Real-time updates

Once redlines are input from the field, design changes are accessible in real-time to all relevant team members for review and approval.


Accurate digital as-built reporting

As a GIS-enabled system, markups are precisely mapped in an updated project design (pending approval). Full API integrations with all modern network inventory and operating systems.


Less field crew idle time

Teams can react fluidly to project changes, capturing design changes or additions while construction is taking place. Real-time communication reduces downtime and speeds up build velocity.


Fewer truck-rolls

The ability to accurately produce survey and as-built redlines with required photos reduces the need to return to the site for further work.


Automated close-outs

The faster as-builts are captured, reviewed and approved, the faster close-out packages can be auto generated. Contractor invoice validation is now seamless and project financials are fully visible.

Unprecedented on-the-ground data capture.

Vitruvi’s innovative markup feature allows users to change or edit the location in real-time, directly from their mobile app.  

It also enables users to add information like offset data (e.g. distance to a curb or the property line) to help engineers and drafters maintain the final system of record.

Draw the line at
manually drawing lines.

Field workers no longer have to draw on a physical copy of the original design to record measurements. It’s all neatly captured in a fully digital format.

Easy upload for review and integration.

Once redlines are approved, the final design will automatically be updated as soon as the report is submitted. This will save your team hours of time collecting and validating data.

Toggle to compare the project design with as-built.

The information is captured as a new layer within the design – allowing team members to toggle the original design on/off to see the difference between what was designed and what was built.

It’s that easy.


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