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Get a 360 Degree View of                        Project Timelines, and                          Resource Utilization


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Ensure Your Construction Schedule Is On Time, Every Time

Vitruvi Software's construction project scheduling offers numerous benefits that enhance the efficiency of construction projects ensuring your projects stay on track and within budget.


With Vitruvi you can schedule, plan, and manage all aspects of your construction projects in one place. Our intuitive, cloud-based platform makes maintaining project schedules easy, collaborating with your team effortless, and helps you make better informed decisions based on real-time insights.


Let Vitruvi transform the way you manage your construction projects and help ensure successful project outcomes every step of the way.


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Transform Your Project Timelines & Scheduling 

Vitruvi is an all-in-one project management solution with a range of construction scheduling software features that streamline your project timelines. Vitruvi's scheduling automation capability provides field teams and managers with the project management tools that help them effectively maintain control of project schedules, as well as track changes, view progress updates, and identify potential roadblocks.


Improved Project Scheduling and Planning

With full visibility into your project schedule and timelines, Vitruvi helps to:

  • Create accurate and detailed schedules, helping to allocate resources more effectively.
  • Increase productivity by scheduling and automating tasks, freeing up team members to focus on higher-value activities.
  • Mitigate risks by identifying potential delays and resource conflicts sooner.
  • Provide real-time updates on project timelines and data that helps project managers quickly adapt to changes.
  • Track every aspect of the project timeline, providing a clear audit trail for compliance and accuracy.



The Power of Vitruvi's Construction Scheduling


Full Visibility Into Project Schedules & Timelines

Vitruvi simplifies construction project scheduling, enhancing productivity and the efficiency of your construction projects. Project teams can easily record and track progress updates, schedule changes, and key milestones across all phases of your projects. With Vitruvi you can keep track of tasks, resources, and timelines to ensure timely completion, and optimal resource allocation - enhancing collaboration and transparency among your teams.




End-To-End Project Management & Program Tracking

Whether its tracking project milestones, assigning tasks, or monitoring resource allocation, Vitruvi provides a comprehensive view of project timelines, status, and dependencies. Our program tracking offers a complete view of all ongoing projects, providing stakeholders with valuable insights into project status, timelines, and resource utilization. The Vitruvi platform gives you full visibility into the project lifecycle from start to finish.



Update Project Changes & Status In Real-Time

Vitruvi's construction field reporting capabilities empower teams to adapt quickly as project requirements change and evolve. Vitruvi enables teams to capture project updates and record progress directly from the job site. This real-time view into project progress and changes helps teams communicate more effectively, and make adjustments quickly, ensuring projects stay on schedule and within budget.


Data-Driven Construction Management

Vitruvi's construction reporting offers powerful tools for gathering, analyzing, and interpreting your project data. Our platform provides project managers and stakeholders with a holistic view of project timelines, resources, and progress. With these actionable insights, construction teams can make informed decisions based on accurate data analysis to drive project success more effectively.



Save Time and Money With Vitruvi Construction Management Software

Vitruvi's comprehensive construction management tools and scheduling features can help streamline your construction projects for improved efficiency.


See how much you could be saving.

Cost Management

As part of its full suite of features, Vitruvi assists managers and executives with financial management and construction cost estimating, ensuring project teams maintain resource allocation, budgeting, bid management, and more, all while promoting cost efficiency at all levels. Some ways it does this include:

Project Financials

Our platform gives managers and stakeholders a complete and accurate view of project budgets, job costing, and revenue capture so they remain up-to-date throughout all stages of the project.

Invoice Management

We help you accurately maintain contracts and invoices with customers and vendors, providing details on their relevant deliverables and work items, minimizing revenue loss, and ensuring you only pay for work that has been completed and approved.

Materials Management

Our software enables you to track your materials inventory with precision and maintain detailed material requirements to ensure teams get what they need at the right times. It also sustains exact billing and invoicing procedures, further reducing revenue loss.


In addition to enhancing your project's estimating process, Vitruvi provides stakeholders and project managers with various construction reporting software features. These help track project schedules and as-built progress, as well as allow for accurate time reporting across your entire team. Some ways it does this include:

Production Reporting

Maintain access to all relevant information for all levels of your team with Vitruvi. Our cloud-based software allows team members and stakeholders to assign work, record progress, submit reports, review and approve submissions, and show cost and schedule status in real-time. All this is done at a single point, simplifying several vital workflows all at once.

Time Keeping

Through mobile and web applications, Virtuvi provides efficient time-tracking. Field and office team members can submit timecards that quantify their labor and equipment usage. These costs can then be connected to specific jobs, projects, and programs, providing further reporting accuracy.

Redlines and As-Builts

Maintain precise records of your construction progress and keep clients updated with Vitruvi's mobile reporting capabilities. Teams in the field are able to fully collect and store as-built information in the field, as well as perform redline markups directly from their mobile device through our project management app.

Quality Assurance

Maintain higher quality standards and requirements across all project processes and procedures through Vitruvi's quality control software. We will help your team remain aligned with project specifications and customer expectations, as well as maintain compliance with strict regulations through features such as:

Document Management

Our document management system helps organize and store an enormous number of documents across all stages of your projects, from design, construction, and QA, to commissioning. We will help you keep track of every vital document for each project while also providing an automated project close-out for simpler, easier project completion processes.

Escalations & Ticketing

Our built-in ticketing system will help your QA team track issues, deficiencies, and escalations for easier corrections and resolutions for project managers and field teams. This system includes file attachment, assignment, and due date tracking, notes history, and internal links to any entity within the system to ensure fast and precise resolutions.

Effective Quality Assurance

Providing all project documentation — including designs, production reports, photos, redlines, and test results — straight to your QA technician through a single source of truth platform, we help ensure they can collaborate closely with your field technicians and project managers to promote faster and more comprehensive solutions.

Resource Allocation and Management

Vitruvi helps reduce inefficiencies and costs through our construction resourcing software features that help managers, supervisors, and teams improve how they manage time, materials, and other resources, shifting them from where they are most wasted and moving them to where they are most needed and effective. Here are some of the ways this function of our construction management software does just that:

Resource Planning

Effectively adjust schedules and resource capacity across all areas of your project and construction operation with the help of our platform's dashboards and digital reports on detailed production data.

Productivity Analysis

Through integrated production reporting and up-to-date time-tracking, you can use our construction field reporting software to measure the productivity of your resources based on geography, work type, and customer.

Equipment Utilization

Vitruvi ensures your operations teams can easily track and report on equipment utilization on-site, as well as charge-backs and internal/external equipment changes.


Vitruvi Customer Success

Ultimately, we use Vitruvi for end-to-end service delivery, from when a project is identified right to the construction completion. Vitruvi’s Construction Management software has transformed our ability to scale, and enables Wyyerd to continue on its ambitious high-speed fiber growth path. Essentially, if it’s not in Vitruvi it didn’t happen.

Steve D, Director of Engineering & Construction Systems, Wyyerd Fiber

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Frequently asked questions

How does the scheduling functionality work in Vitruvi's construction software?

Vitruvi's construction scheduling functionality allows users to create, manage, and track project schedules from a centralized platform. Users can input tasks, assign deadlines, and allocate resources efficiently.

Can I create and manage schedules for multiple projects simultaneously?

Yes, Vitruvi enables users to create and manage schedules for many projects simultaneously and provides a comprehensive view of all ongoing projects.

Can I assign tasks and deadlines to specific team members or subcontractors?

Yes, Vitruvi allows users to assign tasks and deadlines to individual team members or subcontractors. This helps to facilitate better communication and accountability within the project team.

Can I integrate external calendars or scheduling tools with this software?

Vitruvi supports integration with external calendars and scheduling tools, enabling seamless data transfer and synchronization between platforms for enhanced efficiency.

Can I generate reports or analytics based on the scheduling data?

Absolutely! Vitruvi enables users to generate comprehensive reports and analytics based on scheduling data, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making and performance evaluation.

How secure is the scheduling data within the construction schedule software?

Vitruvi prioritizes data security and employs robust measures to safeguard scheduling and all other forms of data, ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability at all times.

Interested in managing your project timelines more effectively?

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