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Case Study

Great Plains Accelerates Growth and  Increases Speed of Project Delivery with Vitruvi 


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Vitruvi is helping Great Plains Communications to efficiently scale their construction operations by enabling digital transformation with Vitruvi’s end-to-end, GIS-enabled construction management platform.

Great Plains Communications manages thousands of construction projects to lay miles of new fiber connections daily across the Midwest in the U.S. Reporting from the field using pen and paper was slow, inefficient, and inaccurate. By deploying Vitruvi solutions to digitize workflows, automate tasks, and enable real-time project updates, Great Plains Communications has enhanced efficiency, cut costs, and accelerated revenues.

Read how Great Plains Communications deployed Vitruvi to streamline their construction management processes.


Enable rapid, reliable, accurate reporting of construction project status

Integrated mapping, logistics, and resource management

Streamline the construction management process by automating tasks, integrating workflows, and providing real-time updates.