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Vitruvi Software Brings Customers Together at Innovation Summit

Vitruvi Software brought together representatives from its global customer base in Banff, Canada last month for a user summit centered around innovation.

Denver, Colorado May 16, 2024 Vitruvi Software, the leading provider of next generation construction management software, brought together representatives from its global customer base in Banff, Alberta, Canada last month for a user summit centered around innovation. 

Throughout the two-day event, customers shared their experiences with Vitruvi’s construction management software and how it supports their unique requirements in building telecom and broadband networks worldwide. 

“This conference has been extremely valuable for us. The Summit has been awesome to meet all the different people and different situations that are using Vitruvi and [to learn] from others as we are embarking on a new way of using Vitruvi,” said Ann Montgomery, Chief Operating Officer at Mercury Broadband.

“Meeting the [Vitruvi] people that have supported me for so long is a really great experience. It’s really great to have fun with people and connect,” said Anthony Potter, Engineering & Construction Systems Administrator at Wyyerd Fiber.

“Bringing our customers, partners, and industry experts together to share and get input so we can continue to enhance our platform is invaluable, especially in a setting as special as Banff,” said Bryan McIver, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Vitruvi.

“I learn so much from other users’ experiences. I love the Vitruvi Summit and I will make sure that I come every year,” said Joy Garcia, Program Coordinator at AFL.

In addition to customers sharing their experiences, Vitruvi also unveiled new product innovations, launched the Super User Certification through its new learning management system, and facilitated open Q&A sessions that directly influence the product roadmap. 

“Joining Vitruvi on the heels of the Vitruvi Summit was an invigorating experience. You could feel the excitement from our team members and customers around all of the innovations that were discussed at the event. We are committed to connecting our customers and industry experts just as we continue to power the build-out of a connected world,” said Dave Walters, CEO at Vitruvi.

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