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Top Tips for Network Construction Planning In Rural Communities

Closing the Digitial Divide: Providing Broadband Access to Underserved Communities

Across the globe, rural communities continue to navigate the challenges of slower internet and wireless connections compared to their urban counterparts. Today, many rural households still lack access to broadband speeds of at least 50/10 Mbps with unlimited data—a stark digital divide that hampers both personal and economic growth.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Despite the logistical and financial hurdles of extending last-mile connections across vast and sparsely populated areas, forward-thinking companies, and municipalities can significantly benefit by addressing these challenges. Here are four strategic ways to enhance the viability of network construction projects in rural areas:

Harness Government Funding:

Leverage substantial federal investments aimed at bridging the connectivity gap. Notably, RDOF and BEAD funding are providing large sums of money to businesses to close the digital divide by expanding network infrastructure to support underserved communities.  These initiatives provide a lucrative opening for network providers to explore new market opportunities.

Implement GIS-Enabled Construction Management Technology:

Overcome geographical barriers and streamline project execution with GIS-powered software. This technology provides precise satellite-coordinate-based network designs, improving planning accuracy, material estimates, and construction timelines. An integrated platform ensures that all team members have real-time access to project updates, improving coordination and accountability across your teams and construction projects.

Utilize Existing Infrastructure:

The federal strategy encourages utilizing existing infrastructure to potentially halve construction costs. By integrating existing poles, towers, and ducts into new network designs, companies can significantly reduce expenditures and expedite project completion.

Optimize Your Supply Chain/Resources:

Managing logistics efficiently is crucial, especially when projects are located far from supply sources. An integrated construction management platform can predict material needs accurately, helping to minimize inventory costs and ensure timely availability of resources. Partnering with logistics experts who understand the nuances of remote operations can further streamline supply chain processes.

Seizing a Timely Opportunity

The time is ripe for companies ready to tackle the unique challenges of rural network construction.

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