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Digital Construction Management

Getting from As-Designed to As-Built Faster with the Vitruvi As-Built Platform

The As-Built Gap Explained and How to Solve It

In the construction industry, the path from blueprint to structure is rarely linear. One of the most critical challenges this journey faces is the 'as-built gap'—the discrepancy between the original design and the final constructed product. This gap not only threatens project integrity but also has profound implications for efficiency, profitability, and overall success. Let's explore this issue and how the Vitruvi As-Built Platform provides an innovative solution.

Understanding the As-Built Gap

The as-built gap emerges during the construction process when changes on the ground are not accurately captured or reflected in the project's design documents. This can occur due to various reasons, such as unexpected site conditions, modifications made during construction, or simply human error. The consequences? Project delays, cost overruns, and a failure to meet the specified design standards—ultimately lead to a chasm between expected and actual outcomes.

Bridging the As-Built Gap with Vitruvi

Vitruvi Software has emerged as a pioneering force, tackling the as-built gap with its cutting-edge platform. By integrating design, work management, and as-built documentation into a seamless process, Vitruvi enables a level of precision previously unseen in the industry.

From As-Designed to As-Built with Precision

The Vitruvi As-Built Platform facilitates a smooth transition from 'as-designed' to 'as-built' stages. It effectively translates connected network designs into detailed work breakdowns, which in turn helps field teams capture accurate as-built data directly at the construction site. The platform ensures that all changes and updates are consistently reflected, fostering an ongoing reconciliation between the original design and the final construction.

Optimizing Portfolio-Wide Deployment

Vitruvi's software isn't just about managing individual projects; it's about enhancing the value of a portfolio of projects. By streamlining the network design-to-build cycle, the platform empowers businesses to deploy their projects faster, optimizing the process for maximum return on investment.

A Strategic Tool for a Connected World

In a world where connectivity is key, the ability to build and manage networks efficiently is invaluable. The Vitruvi As-Built Platform serves as a strategic tool, enabling project stakeholders to navigate the complexities of construction management with a solution purpose-built for the needs of a rapidly evolving industry.

The Vitruvi Advantage

Vitruvi offers more than just a fix to the as-built gap; it provides a strategic partnership for businesses aiming to secure their growth in a future-proof manner. The platform's configurability and adaptability mean that no matter how industry demands morph, Vitruvi supports continuous alignment with operational goals and market dynamics.

Future-Proofing with Vitruvi

By adopting the Vitruvi platform, businesses effectively future-proof their operations. The platform's advanced analytics capabilities enable a data-driven approach to project management, fostering informed decision-making that reduces costs and enhances design efficiency.

Conclusion: Closing the Gap with Confidence

The as-built gap has long been an accepted thorn in the side of the construction industry—but it doesn't have to be. With solutions like the Vitruvi As-Built Platform, businesses can confidently close this gap, ensuring that the structures they design are the structures they build. In doing so, they safeguard not only the integrity of their projects but also the efficiency of their operations and the strength of their bottom line.

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