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Announcing the Official Release of Vitruvi

Meet Vitruvi, our game changing GIS enabled construction management software that helps teams get more done.

We are extremely excited to announce the public launch of our official release of Vitruvi™, our game changing GIS Enabled construction management software.

For the past 2 years, we’ve been building and testing Vitruvi™; an integrated construction management platform designed to provide accurate, verifiable, real-time updates between those doing the work and those responsible for its successful execution. Vitruvi™ harnesses cloud-based technology and best-practices in project management to create a much-needed solution to the challenges that have long confronted construction projects of scale. After some serious beta testing with hundreds of users from the field to the front office, we’re ready to grow.

What does Vitruvi™ do?


For Project Managers & Engineers: Vitruvi™ allows Project Managers to get away from feeling like highly paid data clerks and instead focus on delivering high-value strategy and results. It allows engineers to receive as-builts in real-time, with the confidence the job was done right.


For Construction Managers: It provides field crews with a simple, standardized solution to guide work and verify completions, which can allow billing to be submitted as soon as the work is done. (Paperwork that used to take over and hour can now be submitted in less than 10 minutes!)


For Executives & Marketers: Finally, it allows executives to know if a project is on track – and if not – where to deploy resources and risk management. By bringing greater predictability around completions, Vitruvi™ informs marketers when they can start ramping up sales efforts.

In creating Vitruvi™, we’ve drawn on our own real-world experiences to bring greater control, accountability and predictability to construction projects over large geographical areas. If you think your organization can benefit, I’d welcome an opportunity to schedule a demo and show you what we’ve been up to. Together, we are working with industry to connect the teams that connect the world!

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