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Vitruvi Mobile Markups - Real As-builts in Real-Time



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What will you learn?

This informative webinar will focus on harnessing the power of real-time digital as-builts from the field to the office, allowing you and your teams to update your designs instantly with the click of a button. Increase visibility of what is happening in the field as it is happening. With a streamlined and intuitive interface, Field Technicians can easily create as-builts and markups that seamlessly appear in the office for review and approval and ultimately reside in your digital design.

If you are still trying to manually update your designs from redlines on paper, be sure to register today to see how Vitruvi can save you time, headaches, and inaccuracies with this innovative industry-changing tool.


What are Mobile Markups, and how do you record Fieldwork in real-time?

How to submit Mobile Markups while still on the job site.

Get multiple-level approvals, if required.



See how your GIS designs are instantly updated by submitted and approved Mobile Markups.




Learn from industry experts

Join us for a discussion and Q&A about how you can drive adoption for real-time mobile markups across your organization.


Tilly Van Duyvendyk

Customer Experience

Vitruvi Software

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Kirk Hillman

Solutions Owner

Vitruvi Software